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Basic Manual Handling Course

Manual Handling may sound complex, but it is simply the movements we all make every day, including pulling, pushing, lifting, carrying and lowering. It could be repetitive, if you have to lift boxes onto shelving, or it could be moving.

More than a third of all over-three-day injuries were caused by manual handling. This is a big problem, and one covered by Health and Safety Legislation. Everyone at work is covered by the Manual Handling Regulations. Many suggest that manual handling techniques are ‘common sense’, but like most common sense, it is only ‘common’ when you are made aware of it first time.

Training in Manual Handling is mandatory

Employers must:-

  • Avoid the need for hazardous handling activities
  • Assess the risks of manual handling tasks
  • Reduce the risks of manual handling tasks

Employees must:-

  • Follow the systems of work
  • Use the equipment provided safely
  • Co-operate with their employer
  • Inform their employers of hazards
  • Take care not to put others at risk

What does this Manual Handling Training Course cover?

This is a sensible yet comprehensive course on the subject of Manual Handling, which will equip all employers and employees with the facts and provide proof that the study has occurred.

The Manual Handling Training Course will:-

  • Explain what manual handling is
  • Examine possible injuries and their causes
  • Guidelines of possible lifting weights the candidates can lift
  • Look at differing work areas
  • Individual and Team lifting exercises (2 or more people lifting a load)
  • Practice manual handling situations within the work place (Practical)
  • Explain manual handling hazards and risks
  • Making a suitable and sufficient assessment of any hazardous manual handling operations that cannot be avoided.
  • If a candidate has any current injuries, they can still be part of the course without them being involved in the practical section of the course.
  • Explain the legislation surrounding manual handling and training.

How long will the Manual Handling Training Course take?

This Manual Handling Training Course will take on average up to 4 hours, with up to 10 candidates per course to complete at your company work place, to allow specific training for the working environment. Although the average user will complete the course in this time frame, it is flexible to the group/individual circumstances due to taking in the specific needs/work duties of the candidates included in the course.
Please contact us to book or for further course information.

What about the Manual Handling Assessment?

This Manual Handling Training Course also includes a 10 question, multiple choice assessment. To pass the assessment the user must answer 9 out of the 10 questions correctly 80%.

The assessment can take place orally for those who have difficulties reading or writing.

How long is the certificate valid for?

3 years An assessment for all named candidates will be re-assessed after this period and recertified. Successful candidates will receive a copy of the Manual Handling Certificate for the company records.

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